Maintenance of Your Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicers which are the newest varieties of juicers have quickly taken over the market with a storm. They are not just being purchased for use in homes but juice bar and restaurants as well. The slow juicing mechanism these juicers use slowly squeezes out all the juice from the fruits and vegetables making sure none of the liquid is left behind with the pulp and the nutrients and healthy enzymes in the drink are not destroyed. Proper maintenance of a cold press juicer is essential to keep it functioning to the fullest especially so if it is in a juice bar or a restaurant. The business of juice bars or restaurants will suffer immensely if your cold press juicer is not properly maintained and keeps malfunctioning. If you want the quality of the juice and the amount of yield to stay up to mark, you need to keep your cold press juicer in the most ideal condition. Here are some tips which you can follow to keep your cold press juicer in excellent condition:

1. Keep your cold press juicer properly cleaned up and dry. Whenever you finish using it, wash it thoroughly with a mild soap and water and let the parts dry completely before you store them away. The filter can easily be cleaned using a stiff nylon brush or a clean tooth brush to remove all the stuck fruits and vegetables from it. Additionally wipe the base and the controls with a moist cloth. Do not let any dirt settle around the controls otherwise you will have trouble operating the controls because they would turn sticky.

2. If you notice an issue in your cold press juicer, get it fixed right away before the problem worsens and may harm the cold press juicer. If it’s a simple issue which you can fix yourself, go ahead. If you find something that you cannot handle on your own, seek a professional help immediately.

3. If you run a juicing business, it should not rely on a single machine. You should always keep a spare, if one refuses to work. Your business should not suffer only because your cold press juicer isn’t working. To purchase the latest and best cold press juicer my suggestion is this website can help because they offer reviews and guide too.

4. As for a full-fledged cleanup, you shouldn’t delay the job over a year. Check all the components for wear and tear and then replace the parts which require a replacement. If your cold press juicer is very old, its filter might have changed its color to green. The reason for this is moisture. That’s why you should always store the cold press juicer once it is completely dry. Anyhow, if the filter has changed color, it is no longer suitable for juicing and you will have to replace it.

Now that you know how easy it is to maintain your cold press juicer, all you have to do is keep all these points in mind and keep your cold press juicer clean and tidy for it to function normally and for the juices to stay nutritious and fresh.